The Top Telephone Numbers Directory

This is the Top Telephone Numbers Directory, taking phone numbers for top UK universities and popular public organisations from across the web then delivering them to you & I (Web2Uni).



Web2Uni lists the contact details for a wide range of UK universities to help you book open days, find the latest course requirements and complete applications via the clearing process.

All undergraduate university applications should be sent via UCAS, and you should call their number for undergraduate enquiries for assistance during the application process.

We have the contact number for the esteemed University of Oxford, ideal for anyone with queries about the admissions criteria of a particular degree course or who would like to book a place at an open day over the phone.


Public organisations

UK government organisations are listed on Web2Uni to help you apply for a driving licence and submit correct tax returns.

Phone the DVLA if you would like to apply for your first provisional licence or to pay your car tax, where you can also notify them that your vehicle is no longer being driven and is therefore off the road.

Contact HMRC using our comprehensive list of telephone numbers to discuss any facet of your income tax, self-assessment tax and national insurance contributions. If you are eligible to receive tax credits or child benefit payments then these helplines will also be helpful for your needs.


Private companies

Web2Uni also lists a select few contact details for private companies, for instance Contact Sky Broadband Customer Services can be telephoned for help with your Sky-powered internet connection – they can help with technical faults, providing support over the phone or sending our an engineer to your home or business premises. They can also help with accounts and billing enquiries, and you should contact them if you move home.

You can also find the full contact details for Flybe customer services on Web2Uni which is useful for flight bookings, reservation amendments and complaints about damaged items of luggage.


Social Media Platforms

UK Twitter users will have to use their US contact number for telephone support, should they be unable to find the necessary assistance on the social media platform’s online help centre.