Twitter Contact Number: +1415 222 9670

You can call the US Twitter customer service team by dialling the following contact number +1415 222 9670 given that the social media platform does not have a UK help centre but encourages users to seek support via their online Help Centre.


Twitter Contact Number – +1415 222 9670

Despite being one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, Twitter does not have a UK contact number. Alternatively, the social media service encourages UK users to use the email support service or seek assistance through the Twitter Help Centre. However, if you absolutely require to speak to a Twitter customer service advisor over the phone then you can do so by using the US contact number +1415 222 9670 in order to receive the necessary support. A US customer service advisor can provide technical assistance and troubleshooting support if you would like to reactivate an accidentally deactivated account. Alternatively, you may wish to register a complaint if you believe that your account has been unfairly suspended. By contrast, Twitter users can use this number to ask how to verify their profile, or simply reset their login and password details should their account be hacked.

US Call Costs

The cost of calling the US from the UK is dependent on your landline or mobile mobile tariff plan. Typically, tariffs charge US international calls at a rate of at least £1-£2 per-minute, which is a cost you will need to consider when contacting Twitter’s customer services over the phone.


Twitter Help Centre

The Twitter Help Centre is useful for general information about the social media service. For instance, you may wish to search the website for information on blocking and muting offensive profiles or to learn how to use Twitter on a range of mobile devices. Similarly, you may be seeking advice on following and unfollowing profiles or how direct messages work.


Email Support

Conversely, you can use the official Twitter UK Contact Page for answers to your FAQs and for the necessary email support for before logging into your account to tweet the Twitter Help team directly.